Relational Therapy: What is it anyways?

To put it simply; relational therapy is therapy focused on the relationship between two or more people, it's patterns, and the process of integrating past experiences and learning from each other to create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. 

I very intentionally chose the term Relational Therapy, because I felt the title of being a "marriage and family therapist" was too limiting.  At the Kaleidoscope View, we believe in gender affirming, inclusive care for all.


After all, marriage, and family are only two categories that relationships can exist in. 


I want to reach further than that.  I want to welcome:

  • parents and children
  • blood family members
  • poly family members
  • chosen family members
  • best friends
  • domestic partnerships
  • couples, romantic or aromantic 


Over the years I have received training in many different ways of working with couples.  I find that utilize my training in Emotion Focused therapy,  integrated with my trauma sensitive, narrative approach.  I have a deep respect for the experiences each of my clients have lived through, and I believe that understanding what you've learned and how you have adapted from past experiences can be the key in inviting empathy and growth into present day relationship struggles.  I take time to learn about where each partner has come from, what you've learned from your families, and what generational trauma might be at play in present day communication.  


If you'd like to dive deep into your relationships with those you love, let's schedule a consultation by clicking the button below.  

Individual Therapy:

Are you ready to dig around in your soul and get to know some parts of yourself you might have forgotten about? Let's do it, I'll walk alongside you.

I believe that my role as a therapist in individual therapy is that of a process consultant, supporter, gentle challenger, and teacher.


You are the expert here.  I want to come alongside you to be curious, and help you hold whatever it is you have been carrying around.   


When I work with clients in individual therapy, I like to take a client led approach, while still holding the "golden thread" of therapeutic work.  Meaning, I always want to acknowledge what is happening in the present, while still grounding us in the direction and goals  of therapy.  


I am so passionate about empowering individuals to not only find, but thrive in their authenticity.   After all, the closer we can come to our full authenticity, the more congruence and peace we can truly feel.  If you'd like to learn more about how individual therapy works, or if we would fit together well, please reach out with the button below to schedule a consultation!

Nature Based Therapy:

Do you need all the sun and fresh air you can get, like I do? 

Let's talk about nature based sessions!   Living in the beautiful state of Minnesota provides so many wonderful opportunities to get outside and invite new perspectives.   

I have scouted out several accessible nature locations in the Minneapolis area that will allow us to engage with nature in a safe, therapeutic way.  

Given the time of year, weather, health etc these sessions might not always be available.  Please reach out to learn more about what options are available.