About the Therapist

Hi friends, I'm Haley!  

I am the creator, owner, and the brains behind The Kaleidoscope View, Relational Therapy and Wellness.   I am a marriage and family therapist, as well as a certified yoga teacher, avid baker, and animal enthusiast.  I offer attachment based, trauma sensitive therapy in combination with experiential therapies such as art and movement to guide my clients to access their experiences in new ways, and create a deeper understanding of themselves and those they are in relationship with. I work primarily with couples and families, I am also passionate about walking alongside teenagers and adults needing support in navigating transitions, identity work, and generational trauma.


Before becoming a therapist, I was an art teacher, competitive rower, and behavioral health specialist working with children on the Autism spectrum.  Each of these chapters of life have given so many lessons and perspectives, and I strive to integrate that knowledge into my present work as a couples and family therapist. Throughout my professional career, I have completed training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), as well as dedicating significant time during my master’s program to research focused on the impacts of trauma throughout the life cycle, and how those impacts show up in present day relationships.


In a session with me, you will of course do some talking. And, you can expect a collaborative, empathetic approach from her each day, with whatever version of yourself that you bring into the room. That might mean that in a session together you might go outside, work with a therapy dog in session, move your body, create some art, or even play a video game! I place a lot of value on collaborating with my clients to create meaningful goals on their journey towards sustainable, lasting, and positive change.


When I'm not in office, you can most likely find me outside somewhere exploring with my dogs, drinking too much coffee, or making copious amounts of bagels!

Hey everyone, I'm Daniel! 


I am Trixie's primary trainer and human, along with being some administrative support for Haley.  I have a dense background in psychology, ranging from residential work, to my current work as a behavioral health specialist at Children's Hospital. 


My role at The Kaleidoscope View is to give administrative support, along with moral support and cooking fantastic food for Haley and Trixie.   If I'm not doing that, you can probably find me out walking with Trixie, deep diving into a new video game, or rock climbing! 


I'm Trixie!

Clearly, the best staff member here.  If you want to hang out, talk to the humans on this page to make sure you won't be allergic to me or anything.  


I'm about 10 years old, the humans think.  I feel more like a well seasoned 5 year old.  I was rescued from the streets, and definitely like living with Daniel and Haley much better.  I know a lot about emotions, and seem to always sense them before the humans do.  I've been told that my eyes and my fluffy butt (no idea why) have the power to "bring joy and calm", whatever that means. 


Anyways, I want to sniff your shoes and hang out with you.  Especially if you rub my belly.