About the Kaleidoscope View

In short, to take the 'kaleidoscope view' is to take a brave step towards curiosity and openness, and daring to shift and see the world through new lenses. 

Perhaps that new lens will be art, movement, nature, or even through the lens of a dog’s eyes.  Just like with a real kaleidoscope, every time the mechanisms move even a tiny bit, you get new colors, new information, and a new perspective. 


Other “lenses” that you might already have could be:

  • Trauma
  • Lived experience
  • Neuro-diversity
  • Culture
  • Gender 
  • Family of origin

...and so many others!


These lenses alter how we see and experience the world around us.  Some lenses are innate, and part of how we came into this world, and some we pick up along the way.  We have all lived through many impactful events in our time on this planet, and our powerful minds have adapted and learned from these experiences.  As a result of that, we begin to collect different lenses.  These lenses alter how we see the world, help us survive, and can heavily influence how we show up for ourselves, and in relationship with others.  


As unique and beautiful as these lenses and perspectives can be, something I have noticed is sometimes these lenses can get us stuck in patterns, and perspectives that maybe don’t serve the growth of our most authentic selves.  Which makes sense, because these lenses adapted out of our learned experience and they’ve helped us survive and thrive.  And, at some point, perhaps those patterns and adaptations might need to shift so we can continue evolving as people.  


In my practice, I want to not only talk to my clients, but move, unmask, explore, create, play, and experiment together.  I want to challenge the idea that therapy has to happen in a room, with walls, and words.  I wanted to expand myself, and expand my community so I can offer my clients the best wrap around support possible.  To create safety for any person to walk into my office, kick off their shoes, flop down on my couch and be 100% of themselves. 


I want to create a sanctuary where all people, and all parts are welcome.  


I know that sometimes even imagining making a change can feel like an overwhelming abyss, and that’s why I want to walk alongside you.  I promise to always show up authentically with my vulnerability, quirks, training, education, and expertise, and in return I hope that each of my clients simply bring their true selves and a healthy sense of curiosity.


With this Kaleidoscope View, the possibilities of change and growth are endless.